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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to use The Facelift Band©?

The Age Reverser™ Facelift Band© gives an instant face lift effect for all women with a desire to look more youthful.


Is The Facelift Band© hard to place in hair?

It’s simple and easy and can be done in under two minutes.


Can I sleep in The Facelift Band©?

The Facelift Band© is not intended to be slept in.  Just like make-up,  it is put on to enhance your beauty while wearing it.


Are the results of The Facelift Band© permanent?

No, The Facelift Band© creates a temporary face lift when in place.


Can I swim while wearing The Age Reverser™ Facelift Band©?

Although water will not hurt the band, it is not intended to be worn while swimming.


How long can I wear The Facelift Band©?

The Age Reverser™ Facelift Band© can be worn as long as it feels comfortable.


How is The Facelift Band© kept in place?

The Facelift Band© is kept in place by two strong holding clips that snap to lock hair into place when closed.


Does one size fit all?

Yes, because The Facelift Band© is adjustable it is one size fits all.


Is the Age Reverser™ Facelift Band© comfortable?

Our number one question and most important. Yes, most report that The Facelift Band© is very comfortable.  Because it’s adjustable, it can be worn as loose or tight as you wish.  It feels similar to wearing a tight pony tail or bun.