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Back Buddy Posture Corrector by Age Reverser

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As I sit slumped over at my computer I suddenly hear my mother yell “Kelly, sit up straight!” Shocked I would immediately pull my shoulders back with the horrible vision of a slumped over old woman with a big hump on her back. Unfortunately, I watched it happen to my mother, my grandmother and God forbid I’m not going to let this happen to me.

Now days we all spend so much time at our desk and our computers , it’s easy to get comfortably lazy and just let ourselves slump.

If only my Mom was they’re to remind me to sit up… but she’s not. So I started to research what I could do to keep this horrible scenario from happening to me. I finally found the solution! I am please to introduce Age Reverser’s new product called the Back Buddy.

The Back Buddy not only supports your shoulders, but helps remind you to SIT UP STRAIGHT!

It has not only proven to improve posture, but relieve back pain and slouching as well. Keep it next to your computer. Slide it on when you sit down, and take it off when you get up. It’s adjustable and easy to use. It’s even allowed me to realize when I’m slumping – and nobody had to yell.


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