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Kelly Crosby Heyniger, inventor of The Facelift Band

Searching for the fountain of youth

Our Mission at Age Reverser, LLC is to discover any product silly or serious- that works- to keep us looking and feeling younger.  Email us if you have any great anti-aging tricks or suggestions!

It all started with our flagship product – “The Facelift Band“!

The Facelift Band was invented by Kelly Crosby, a 42 year-old former actress and model.

“My looks have always been important to me,” said Kelly, “and I have now reached an age where I am starting to evaluate the aging process and how it is starting to affect my appearance. I am not ready to go under the knife, and I don’t need plastic surgery… yet!  So what can I do to freshen up my look?”

As a licensed hairdresser and make up artist, Kelly is always searching for the latest magic techniques to share with her family and friends.  She has invented a fun and simple way to temporarily erase the years without plastic surgery.

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