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Do You Truly Have Sensitive Skin?

Do You Really Have Sensitive Skin? Are You Sure? Truly?


   Many people are under the assumption that they have sensitive skin. Yet, what truly defines a sensitive skin? If you have been to the doctor or allergist where they have tested your skin with that horrible pin prick test to find out exactly what your allergies are to certain things, then you might have sensitive skin. Otherwise just coming into this conclusion yourself is probably not accurate. Or you are using the wrong products for your skin type.

A Zit Is Not Sensitive Skin

    Some people are under the misconception that if you get a blemish when you try a new product then they have sensitive skin. Most people’s skin has a reaction to new products. Either they are more effective than your old products or newer ingredients are causing your skin to purge its clogged pores. This especially happens when someone starts a new exfoliator, especially if they aren’t regularly using one. Years of debris that is blocking the pores is going to naturally start to come to the surface with regular exfoliation in the form of a white head, blackhead, or acne cyst. Let it happen, and keep it up with your new routine. Eventually over a 6 week time period it will get better. That’s the bare minimum that new products especially anti-aging ones take to be effective on the skin.

Redness Can Be a Sign Of Sensitivity

  A sensitive skin is going to get red and splotchy when using most products, or products that are too harsh for their skin. Common skin irritants are too much alcohol, or fragrance contained in the product. Using fragrance free products can help those with truly sensitive skin.

Fair Skin People Are More Prone To Sensitivities

   Sometimes people that have fair skin are more prone to sensitivities than other skin types. A good way to tell if you have sensitive skin is to just wash your skin with water. Then look in the mirror to analyze it. How does your skin look? Is it red and blotchy just from the very act of manipulating your skin to wash it with pure water? Then you probably have sensitive skin.

Harsh Treatments Are Out

   Harsh treatments like chemical peels, glycolic acids, or heavy exfoliation are going to be too much for your skin. You need to treat it kindly with kid gloves. A light touch with products that are geared towards sensitive skin are in the cards for you always. Wash it with lukewarm, not hot water which can also cause inflammation in the skin. If you can figure out exactly what ingredients cause your skin to react negatively then that’s’ going to be much easier for you to pinpoint products that cause issues in your skin.




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