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Wrinkle Prevention Plan By The Decades

Wrinkle Prevention Plan By The Decades


    No one particularly enjoys the prospect of getting wrinkles. Call them what you want to…fine lines, indentations, crow’s feet, crease, or a crinkle it doesn’t make them any better. Men have it easier since as they age people think their wrinkles are distinctive. Handsome. Worldly. Wise. They don’t say that about women. It’s an unfair double standard, but that’s just the way it seems to be.

   More women are in the derm’s office every month getting their Botox and filler injections than men. Although, if you look at some of the older men in Hollywood they haven’t shied away from the injectables either, which makes them look oddly stuffed, and feminine.

    You know what the number one way to prevent wrinkles is truly? Sunscreen. That’s right, just a little bit of the appropriate amount of SPF each day significantly improves the signs of aging over time in the skin. 80 percent of aging is from environmental factors, mainly the sun.

     If you compare two people side by side, one who religiously uses sunscreen and one who is a sun worshiper or even worse a lover of the tanning beds then you can see the difference in their skin. Age spots, fine lines, and uneven texture is more prevalent on the sun crazy person then the sunscreen aficionado. There are other ways to prevent wrinkles, and take care of your skin as well that you should consider. Here is a few helpful suggestions depending on what decade of your life you are in.



   This is the time where your skin is about the best it’s going to be in your adult life. You probably don’t have any crow’s feet, fine lines, or age spots. Lucky gals. The way to treat your skin is to focus on prevention. Use that sunscreen.

   Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser every night to remove dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you are sleeping with a full dirty face. Moisturize daily with an oil-free lotion that hydrates and protects. Prevent damage by taking care of your skin early on, because it will help you get into good habits for life.


Thirties- Step It Up

  You might notice some changes in your skin in your thirties. Some forehead lines especially a little line between your brows called glabellar lines might show up. Don’t freak out yet. There are ways to help your skin out.

   Invest in a chemical exfoliator that has glycolic acid to improve the texture of your skin. Then apply a hyaluronic acid based moisturizer since it acts as a moisture binder to improve the radiance level of your skin. Then don’t’ forget the sunscreen. Prevention is still important even in your thirties as you step up your skincare game.


Forties–See The Derm Now


   Early forties is when you should go see the dermatologist to make sure you don’t have any sun damage that could lead to skin cancer. Keep up with the sunscreen like you have been doing all along, but add a firming cream to your regime.

   This is a good time to invest in a decent night cream since your skin renews itself best at night. As you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin production making it susceptible to the sagging that everyone fears. Don’t forget the eye cream since the eye area is prone to showing signs of aging with puffiness, and undereye circles.


FIfties and Beyond


     Still use sunscreen. This doesn’t ever change. Have I made that point clear enough? You might consider a monthly facial appointment to add some extra radiance to your skin. The exfoliation in combination with the massage, steam, and hydration can boost your glow. Skin that is aging doesn’t appear as bright as it used to when you were younger so invest in some vitamin C based skincare that adds micropearls of radiance.



  1. Lesley Taylor says:

    Can I order even tho I live in the UK. I’m really interested in helping myself to look younger than my 59 yrs. I look forward to hearing back from you

    Many thanks


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