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Staying Hydrated For Health and Summer Beauty

During the long hot summer months our bodies need more hydration than usual. The old adage that you should have six to eight glasses of water per day is still true. If you aren’t a huge fan of water you can count your iced tea, and coffee as part of your liquid intake, but just watch out for the caffeine levels which can lead to dehydration if you overdo it. Here are some fun summer ways to spruce up your glasses of water.


Spa Water At Home


I’m not sure why the water tastes so good at my local spa, but I do know they put cucumber wedges in it to give it that fresh taste. Cucumber is also high in silica which helps with muscle repair as well. So not only does it look pretty sliced up in your glass, but it’s good for you too. It also encourages detoxification within the body, so your skin and mind will be clearer. Plus it’s very affordable. The big ones that are seedless are on sale right now in peak season for around a dollar. Fill up a big glass pitcher in your fridge with about 10-15 sliced cucumbers overnight to let the flavor of the veggie fill up the pitcher. Then drink your easy sipping water all day long.


Sparkling Is Fun Too


Have you seen those Sodastream machines for home use? They came out a few years ago to allow you to turn ordinary tap water into your own sparkling water experience. They also have flavors you can add to the water to make your own soda. It’s much healthier than the ones you buy at the supermarket since you can control what you put into them. A nice idea for someone who prefers fizz over flat water.


Add a Splash of Citrus


Any kind of citrus will do, but it makes water drinking much more pleasurable. Keep slices of lemon, lime, orange, or even grapefruit cut up in your fridge to add to each glass. It’s guaranteed to make your water more palatable if you aren’t a water lover in general.


Berry Good Water


If you aren’t a citrus or veggie fan then you might enjoy adding berries to your water. Strawberries, blackberries, or even lush raspberries will work just as well. Infuse the water over night by muddling the berries all together in a big glass pitcher, and allow to marinate. The fresh berry taste is great, and you’ll get a boost of Vitamin C from the fruit as an added bonus.


Keep in mind you need to aim for about 48 ounces of water per day. With these tips on how to trick out your water in a healthy way this summer, you’ll get to that number of ounces in no time flat. Reusable glass bottles are the best way to get your fill since you won’t be exposed to the BPA in plastic bottles especially when the bottles get hot in the summer, and can leach plastic chemicals into your water. You obviously don’t want that to happen, so spend a little money for your own chic glass reusable bottle.




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