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Anti-aging Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil


Everyday in the news there is information that comes out about the latest “hot ingredient” for anti-aging or weight loss. Some have some actual science behind them, backed up by facts and testing by world renowned scientists. This is one of those. Wheat Germ Oil is the latest craze in anti-aging ingredients, and if you aren’t using this one yet, then you should be. What exactly is Wheat Germ Oil, where does it come from, and how you can get your hands on some of this precious commodity that is actually quite affordable.

The Origins of Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil is taken from the germ of the wheat kernel. It’s very high in octacosanol which is known to be chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E. When taken internally it has been proven to lower cholesterol, increase circulation, and help in memory function. Externally when used in a topical solution in its pure form, it’s been known to help with scarring in the surface layer of the skin, and inflammation.  It’s a healing type of oil that is great for anti-aging benefits as well, since it can be easily added to skincare products. Vitamin E is usually the listed ingredient, but it’s derived from Wheat Germ Oil.

Wheat Germ Oil In Skincare

So what are some ways to incorporate Wheat Germ Oil into your skincare regime? You can head to your local health food store, or vitamin supply store to see what they have available in its pure form. Then you can apply it directly to your skin. It absorbs quickly, is light, and the scent isn’t unpleasant at all which is nice. Your face can even handle it provided you don’t have acne prone skin. It’s moisturizing without being heavy so you can also layer it over the top of your regular creams, or lotions. The oil acts as a sealant to help trap moisture into your skin so that it will be soft and smooth all day long. Slather a thicker layer on at night to wake up to flawless skin in the morning that feels like silk.

Can People With Gluten Intolerance Use It?

Here’s a small note to the gluten free community. This is not an oil for you to use if you have Celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten in any products. It does have a small percentage of gluten in it, so die hard gluten avoiders will need to steer clear of the Wheat Germ Oil too. For those with sensitivities try an Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or other fruit based oil to add to your skincare routine.


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