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Your Wedding Beauty Plan By Month



  So you are taking the full year to be engaged while planning your dream day. It’s going to be the perfect event complete with the right colors, mood, and guest that are excited to share in your happiness. Every detail takes a lot of consideration since you want everything to be exactly how you have pictured this day in your mind for all of the years leading up to the moment you got engaged. Don’t forget to get your skin, hair and body in the right shape for the ultimate beauty moment. All eyes will be on you, the bride so you want to look the absolute best you can look. Here is the 12 month plan to get you into tip top shape so that you look fabulous all over.


12 Months To Go

Hire a Personal Trainer: Every bride strives to be a few pounds thinner than usual. It’s normal to want to look your best, and a wedding is great motivation to lay off the sweets and get in stellar shape. Don’t overdo it though. You don’t want to look too thin. Focus on being toned, and in shape rather than just skinny.

See the Dermatologist: especially if you have acne prone skin so you can get on a treatment plan stat. You don’t want to have problem skin the day of and there are many new ways to treat those pesky blemishes.

See a Nutritionist to Meal Plan For Next 12 months: This is a super idea if you know you are one of those takeout junkies who doesn’t normally eat as healthy as you should. Get your fiance in on the healthy meal planning together. You want him to look his best the day of the wedding, don’t you?

Get Regular Trims Every 6 Weeks: Most brides look to grow out their hair for the big day in hopes of a spectacular updo, or long wavy romantic curls to complete their bridal look. Keep the end in decent shape by seeing your stylist for a teeny tiny trim every 6-8 weeks at the most. It will be better prepared to be conditioned, and styled on a daily basis if the end are neat and trim.

Deep Condition Hair At Home Once A Week: Slather on the deepest conditioner you can find, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, and then rinse. Shining, healthier hair will be your reward for such diligence.

Start Exfoliation Every Three Days: You skin gets a buildup of dead skin cells which leads to a bland complexion. Brighten it up by exfoliating every three days with a scrub. Or you can invest in one of those sonic cleansing machines to do the work for you.


9 Months To Go

Get Regular Facials: A top notch facialist can do extractions to get out all that extra gunk that clogging up your skin. It’s a nice treat as well to sit back and relax during the steaming facial massage part.

Take a Different Fitness Class: Mix it up a bit! You might be getting into a rut just slogging away on the treadmill. Take pilates for that lean, lithe look or get out your frustrations with a hip boxing class.


6 Months To Go

Make Sure Your Color is Right: If your color isn’t what you want it to be, now is the time to fix it.

Hire Your Stylist for Day of Hair

Figure Out Day of Hairstyle: Try your hair with your veil a few different ways. Take photographs to see how it will look in a picture. You might have an idea in your head of how you want your hair, but hate it in actual execution. So experiment with a few different tries to get it exactly as you want it done.


3 Months To Go

Get Your Makeup Professionally Done: You might think that your cousin Sue, who is a wiz with makeup can do your look the day of the wedding, but don’t chance it. She might get nervous, and you’ll definitely be a bundle of jitters so have a pro on hand to make sure you look right. Try a few different styles of makeup, and take pictures so you can tell how it will photograph in different lights. Dramatic eyes? Subtle lips? So many decisions to make. Look through some magazines for looks that you think would look lovely on your own face.

Hire Makeup Artist For Day of Makeup


2 Months To Go

One Last Fitness Push-Boot Camp If You Need It: So what if you haven’t lost as much weight as you had hoped. You’re the bride! You are going to look fantastic no matter what. Don’t stress about a couple of lb’s. Your groom won’t be able to tell. He’s just think your are stunning in your wedding dress walking down the aisle to spend the rest of your life with him.


1 Month OMG!!!

Get a Massage For Relaxation: DO IT. You’ll need it. Mother-in-law driving you crazy? A wayward bridesmaids giving you issues? Forget your trouble, and let your massage therapist take you away for a while from all the wedding planning stress.

You should be good to go! You’ve lost those few pounds you were worried about. Your skin is looking much better due to all the skincare preparation you have taken. Your hair is in great shape, and you’ve chosen the right makeup person to make you gorgeous the day of. Everything is set. You will look like you, just better with all the right steps over the past year.




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