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Permanent Hair Removal Is Here



   Aren’t you tired of shaving or paying the extra expense of getting your unwanted hair waxed all the time? I bet you are! There are ways to have a more permanent solution to that pesky high volume hair that you have to get rid of practically every time you get in the shower. Talk to you local dermatologist or plastic surgeon about laser hair removal. This is called the VECTUS LASER HAIR REMOVAL system. This revolutionary hair removal method quickly removes large volume hair areas with a simple laser procedure. The Vectus Laser Hair Removal is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to live with unwanted hair anymore. It’s the best technology we have available to get rid of hair for good.

    Some of the areas to target are the legs, armpits, bikini line, and facial hair. We can even restructure your hairline to give you a more youthful look. Men may want to tackle excessive chest or back hair for a smoother more chiseled look to the body. The way the procedure is performed is in the comfort of a doctor’s office, and with the patented Advanced Contact Cooling system the top layer of your skin is protected, so the procedure is pain-free. It’s fast, and easy. I like anything that can be done virtually painless, since I can be a big baby about pain. 

     The laser also features the only FDA approved Skintel Melanin Reader which is designed to optimize the hair removal process based on your specific skin type and ethnicity. So anyone can benefit from smoother, hair-free skin that is radiant and healthy.So if you are ready to stop excessive, bothersome shaving or painful waxing then you are going to want to get started on the Vectus Laser Hair Removal program today before the summer is completely over. You might live on the west coast, and have nice weather year round so it might not even matter that it’s summer. You want bare beautiful legs to show off anytime of the year. Plus, no one wears panty hose anymore luckily so you want your legs to be as smooth as possible. 

    This is an unsurpassed, powerful solution to all high volume hair removal. You’ll make unwanted body hair a thing of the past after only a few targeted highly effective treatments. I can’t wait to not have to shave anymore especially during those long summer months where I am at the pool a few days a week. The bikini line is a great place to start with laser hair removal. Then I’ll target my armpits, and maybe my lower legs. The options are endless, so goodbye to shaving forever. Think about all the money you’ll save as well but not paying for shaving products or waxing at an expensive salon. Take the extra money you’ll save to buy some shoes! Women do love their shoes, don’t they? 





  1. DİLEK HAS says:

    Hello, I wanted to buy Facelift Band from your site but Pay Pal was closed for Turkey, the system did not accept credit card, please happy days if you can help me

    • Ashly Heyniger says:

      Hi Dilek,

      Our sincerest apologies for the payment system being offline for awhile. The PayPal should be working now if you want to try to put your order through again I will be happy to ship out your order as soon as possible.


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