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5 Causes of Acne

Do you believe in ghosts? Eh? 5 Causes of AcneBut there is something that can be more terrible than them. Acne! Yes, acne can make you look horrible and snatch your peace away. Are you among those who are sick of acne and acne marks? You need to know about causes of acne. It’s true that no one is completely sure about the causes of this disease. There can be a number of reasons and factor involved in destroying your skin. Know about the top 5 causes of pimples that will give you a guide to manage your damaged skin in a better way.

1. Hormones

Acne can be considered as a hormonal disease. Hormonal disorder can causes pimples and breakouts on the skin. Increase in hormone production is the main reason of such skin disorders. During puberty, the level of estrogen decreases that leads to an increase in testosterone. Testosterone, when interacts with some naturally occurring enzymes in the body, increases oil glands in the skin that keep your skin moisturized. Excessive production of oil in the skin blocks hair follicles and causes blemishes.

2. Bacteria

The bacterium that causes pimples on the skin is called Propionibacterium, which grows slowly and stays in the skin and consumes nutrients. This bacterium grows in the follicles, which are blocked due to excess sebum. This in turn causes blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples on the skin. When you touch clogged pores of the skin, this bacteria spreads on the skin and causes an acne lesion. In order to prevent bacterial growth on the skin, keep your skin cleansed properly.

3. Diet

You might not be aware of the fact that there is a strong relationship between what we eat and the condition of our skin. Yes, healthy food has a great effect on health and freshness of the skin. However, there are some food items that badly affect the skin and cause breakouts.

Here is a list of some acne causing foods that we consume daily:

Diet Soda: Diet soda can lower the pH levels that can cause skin breakouts.

Sugar: Foods with high glycemic index can also cause pimples on the skin.

Dairy products, gluten, salt, and vegetable oil are some other examples of the foods that can cause breakouts on skin.

4. Climate

Another important cause of acne is climate. It’s true that climate plays a vital role in the production of pimple on the skin. A hot climate can cause sweating on the skin that is a big cause of breakouts on the skin. Air pollution is also a contributory factor to pimples. Air pollution enables our skin to absorb environmental free radicals that block several skin pores and cause pimples to appear on the skin.

5. Cosmetics

The quality of cosmetic products you use is also very important to be considered. Low quality makeup products can cause rashes and itching on the skin leading to pimples. Avoid using excess make up or the make up containing harsh chemicals. Always read makeup ingredients before buying it.

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