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Your Wedding Beauty Plan By Month

      So you are taking the full year to be engaged while planning your dream day. It’s going to be the perfect event complete with the right colors, mood, and guest that are excited to share in your happiness. Every detail takes a lot of consideration since you want everything to be exactly how you have pictured this day in your mind for all of the years leading up … Read More →

Adult Acne Woes

Adult Acne Woes      It’s just not fair. You survived teen-hood, and now you are well into your adult life. So why does acne continue to be a problem for your skin. Adult acne woes are more common than you think. Women tend to get these pesky blemishes more often than men do because of hormonal fluctuations that only women experience. Lucky us right? Sometimes those bumps are caused by … Read More →

Do You Truly Have Sensitive Skin?

Do You Really Have Sensitive Skin? Are You Sure? Truly?      Many people are under the assumption that they have sensitive skin. Yet, what truly defines a sensitive skin? If you have been to the doctor or allergist where they have tested your skin with that horrible pin prick test to find out exactly what your allergies are to certain things, then you might have sensitive skin. Otherwise just coming … Read More →

Permanent Hair Removal Is Here

       Aren’t you tired of shaving or paying the extra expense of getting your unwanted hair waxed all the time? I bet you are! There are ways to have a more permanent solution to that pesky high volume hair that you have to get rid of practically every time you get in the shower. Talk to you local dermatologist or plastic surgeon about laser hair removal. This is called … Read More →

Wrinkle Prevention Plan By The Decades

Wrinkle Prevention Plan By The Decades       No one particularly enjoys the prospect of getting wrinkles. Call them what you want to…fine lines, indentations, crow’s feet, crease, or a crinkle it doesn’t make them any better. Men have it easier since as they age people think their wrinkles are distinctive. Handsome. Worldly. Wise. They don’t say that about women. It’s an unfair double standard, but that’s just the way it … Read More →

The Botox Craze For 20-Somethings

Picture this…you are in your mid to late twenties, the prime of your young adulthood some would say. Everything is flawless, tight, and on point, right?  But one day a random co-worker of yours suggests that the little lines around your mouth, and between your brows should be taken care of. What?! You probably want to tell her where to go stick her opinion, but you know that the next … Read More →

Staying Hydrated For Health and Summer Beauty

Thirsty Girl Drinking Water After Exercise

During the long hot summer months our bodies need more hydration than usual. The old adage that you should have six to eight glasses of water per day is still true. If you aren’t a huge fan of water you can count your iced tea, and coffee as part of your liquid intake, but just watch out for the caffeine levels which can lead to dehydration if you overdo it. … Read More →

Anti-aging Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

  Everyday in the news there is information that comes out about the latest “hot ingredient” for anti-aging or weight loss. Some have some actual science behind them, backed up by facts and testing by world renowned scientists. This is one of those. Wheat Germ Oil is the latest craze in anti-aging ingredients, and if you aren’t using this one yet, then you should be. What exactly is Wheat Germ … Read More →

Anti-aging Superfoods: From The Inside Out

    Did you know that what you eat can directly affect you in a beautiful way? Eating the right amounts of superfoods can help with aging. Anti-aging benefits from the vitamins and mineral in some of the foods you eat can fight wrinkles, age spots, and lackluster skin. Take care of your health and beauty by eating some of these superfoods, because they will make you glow from the … Read More →

Anti-aging Foundations and Makeup

    You know some of the old rules like frosted eyeshadow will make your eyelids look crepey, but do you know the ways to utilize makeup to make yourself look younger? It’s a cinch to look great at any age if you know a few key tricks. Mainly it has to do with the textures and formula of the cosmetics you are using. The right primers and foundations are … Read More →