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Lip Personality


Have you ever wondered what men think of your lipstick color?

We did a poll from the man’s perspective.  What do they think that you are trying to tell them?  You might want to consider this before you choose your shade.

Classic Red

That’s a look-at-me color. An I-want-attention kind of color. If you’re at a bar with the girls looking to meet people, it can work as a beacon of sorts…we know you are in the market. If you’re on a date with your husband though, it says that you’re really trying to kick it up a notch. On the other hand, you can’t kiss a girl with bright red lips or you end up looking like a clown.

Hot Pink

It doesn’t have the classic romance of a bright red. It’s more punk, rock star, adventurous.  It says you’re not afraid of a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll and that you are probably super fun.  I would expect that girl to listen to good music and not just hang out at Ann Taylor.

Dark Purple/Burgundy

This says she’s not afraid to take risks. It tells me that she’s edgy and could be challenging in a good way. Not that she has a dark side, but that’s she’s. . . different. On the right woman, dark color is intriguing.


I think this color say’s you have a sexy confidence about you, but you don’t need to flaunt it.   But if she wears it too light, she’ll look like she’s been out in the cold for too long.  If the perfect shade…It can make her look younger.

Bright Orange

It makes me think… “Wanna Fanta?’” And also that she’s got a spicy personality and is probably a lot of fun. Very confident!  Not afraid to try something that’s a little different.


*Oh and a little lip gloss is ok too, as long as it’s not dripping off her face.  


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