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The Anti-Aging Effects of Sex

Anti-aging effects of sex

Have more sex to look younger!

The anti-aging effects of sex.

Expensive creams, painful facials and surgical procedures might all be helpful, but a new study claims a healthy sex life is the real secret to looking younger.
Feeling satisfied with your sex life — whatever your levels of sexual activity — is closely related to your perceived quality of life.”

Sex releases beta endorphins, (those chemicals that give you a runner’s high), which help protect skin’s collagen, and oxytocin, which lowers the stress chemical cortisol,” says Amy Wechsler, M.D., a New York City dermatologist and an adjunct assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College. Also working up a sweat in bed can trigger those feel good hormones and reduce pain and anxiety — thus helping you sleep better too.

Their study of 1235 women aged 60-89 found those who enjoyed an active sex life had a better quality of life and were happier.

So to sum it all up, getting frisky between the sheets (or anywhere else for that matter) can lead to the release of human growth hormones that make the skin look more elastic. Bouncy, resilient skin means fewer wrinkles and less sagging. Also working up a sweat in bed can trigger the hormones which reduce pain and anxiety.
All these things add up to a bigger spring in your step and a more youthful appearance.

So go ahead…Do It!

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