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Top 10 Pregnancy Myths

Every Woman enjoys being pregnant and it is a wonderful time with a lot of unique challenges.Top 10 Pregnancy Myths During this period you want to do everything that leads to deliver a healthy baby. We all know that there are a number of myths about getting pregnant and delivery of baby. Once you get pregnant, you will definitely have to hear a lot of advices from your family, friends, and even from strangers.

Want to have a happy pregnancy? You need to steer clear of these myths….

Myth 1

One of the most common pregnancy myths is that you should eat three healthy meals a day. Wrong! You should eat five or six small meals every two to three hours in order to maintain your blood sugar level.

Myth 2

If you crave for salty foods during pregnancy it means you are carrying a baby boy whereas craving for sweet foods means you are carrying a baby girl.  However, research studies have shown that there is no effect of craving on the gender of baby.

Myth 3

When you are pregnant, raising arms above your head will cause the baby cord wrapped around his neck and lead to miscarriage. Completely wrong!

Myth 4

If you have a lot of heartburn during pregnancy it means you will have a baby will lot of hair. Top 10 Pregnancy MythsThis is not true. Heartburn is a common problem during pregnancy and it has no connection with the hair of baby. In fact, hair are something completely inherited.

Myth 5

Another common myth is that having sex during pregnancy can damage your unborn baby. There is no reason for this because there are seven layers for the protection of you baby from abdominal wall to the amniotic sac. So have sex during pregnancy and enjoy your life!

Myth 6

Sleeping on your back might hurt your baby. False! You might feel comfortable sleeping on your side but it has no effect on the health of your baby. However, sleeping on your left side is better because it can increase the blood flow to your uterus and placenta.

Myth 7

If your mother had difficulties during pregnancy and delivery, you might have difficulties as well. This is also a misconception because you can’t consider heredity factors to predict how easy or difficult your delivery would be.

Myth 8

Your baby can get spots if your eat ice during labor because it will make you cold. This is a stupid misconception that has no logic.

Myth 9

Another interesting and somehow funny myth about pregnancy is that eating oranges might give your baby jaundice. This is wrong because oranges are a rich source of vitamin C that is essential for your health.

Myth 10

Exercise is dangerous! False! Many doctors recommend a mild exercise to control your weight. However, you must avoid exercises that involve lying on your back because it can reduce the blood flow to your uterus. Moreover, it’s better to consult your physician before practise any kind of exercise during pregnancy.

So stop panicking and enjoy your pregnancy, because this is a beautiful journey that ends at the beginning of a new life…

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