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5 Health Benefits of Green Tea


Tea has always been one of the most widely consumed and valued drinks in the world. Being a zero calorie drink and a delicious beverage, tea is loved by almost everyone across the globe. In fact, tea is one of the most inexpensive beverages available to everyone. But that’s not all! What makes tea a wonderful drink is those natural chemicals present in tea that offer a multitude of health benefits to the human body. Various studies have been carried out in this regard and it has been revealed that black and green tea offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits to health of the body. Green tea has antiviral, anti inflammatory, anti cavity, and antioxidant properties.

Green tea lover? Eh? Green tea miracles disclosed! Yes, green tea is not just a drink, it’s a perfect MAGIC POTION…

Weight Loss, Yes! Green Tea Makes you Slimmer

In today’s world of junk food and beverages, every other person is suffering from obesity. So weight loss is probably one of the most searched terms on Google. There are a variety of ways to lose weight. Some ways are safe, while others are harmful. It’s no secret that everyone wants to look for those weight loss ways that work fast. However, such weight loss ways are harmful for the body. Out of several natural remedies to lose weight, green tea is superb. Green tea has catechins in it, which cause thermogenesis-a process in which heat is produced in the body to burn calories.

Welcome Green Tea! Goodbye Cancer!

There are several research studies to show that green tea is very helpful in fighting against a variety of cancers, such as bladder, lungs, and stomach cancer. Because of the presence of catechins, green tea prevents tumors and cell mutation.

Smarter Brain! Conquer the World with a Cup of Green Tea!

You might have heard it from people that green tea or any other kind of tea keeps you awake for hours, and that is why people drink tea while studying or doing something really important. 5 Health Benefits of Green TeaBut hey! That’s not all! You will be surprised to know that green tea improves your brain functioning because of the presence of caffeine in it. Green tea contains a reasonable amount of caffeine in it, which acts as a stimulant. Caffeine blocks Adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Research studies have also show that green tea helps boost a person’s mood.

Protect Your Teeth, Smile A lot!

“Smile a lot it costs nothing” you might have heard it many times in your life. But let’s renew it now. “Smile a lot, it costs just a cup of green tea everyday”. Shocked? Yes! Green tea has ability to fight against infection causing bacteria. Catechins in green tea kill a variety of bacteria, and help prevent several health issues. Research studies have also shown that green tea also prevents bad breath.

Live Longer, Stay Happy!

It’s inevitable that we all have to die one day. However, according to research studies, green tea drinkers live longer than others. This is due to the fact that green tea prevents a variety of dangerous diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, which in turn can help you live longer.

So go drink a cup of green tea, live longer, and have fun!

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