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5 Magical Remedies for Chapped Lips: Speak Your Beauty Confidently

Lips are one of the most beautiful features on your face.5 Remedies for Chapped Lips Chapped lips are one of the most common problems faced by almost everyone, especially in winters. Chapped lips are in fact very painful and grab away your confidence all at once because they look ugly. If you have chapped lips, you even feel painful when smiling. There are so many causes of chapped lips. The common causes are climate change, wind exposure, sun damage, and deficiency of some vitamins, skin disorders, and dehydration. Loss of moisture or repeated licking can be another cause for chapped lips.

Want to have those supple and juicy lips like Angelina Jolie? Learn about 5 natural remedies for chapped lips..

Use Natural Oils

No one can deny the benefits of natural oils for our health. Like many other health issues, chapped lips can also be prevented with the help of natural oils. You don’t need to go for any big deal for your delicate lips. There are natural oils, such as olive oil that can help you get rid of chapped lips in no time. You can also apply coconut oil on your lips to get rid of painful cracked lips.

Use Lip Cream or Lip Balm

Another remedy for painful ugly chapped lips is the use of lip cream or lip balm. Lip balm can play a vital role in moisturizing your lips. Use unflavored glossy lip balm because a flavored lip balm can tempt you into lip licking which is a big cause for chapped lips. Use lip balm regularly, especially when going out in cold dry weather.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a big cause for chapped lips. 5 Remedies for Chapped LipsSo be sure your body is properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. Increase the water intake especially during winter season to avoid dryness.

Avoid Lip Licking and Biting

Avoid lip licking and lip biting. Because of lip licking, saliva evaporates and leaves lips dry by removing the thin membrane protecting the lips. Lip biting also digests the protective covering of lips which increases dryness

Consider Your Diet

An acidic state of your body can cause chapped lips so be careful about your diet. Add fruits and vegetable to your diet, which help in restoring the pH of your body to a proper alkaline state.  Take multivitamins and minerals to ensure that your body doesn’t lack vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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