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Facelift Without Surgery Alternatives

Having an actual facelift is quite an undertaking. There are some techniques that make healing a bit easier such as with laser surgery, but it’s still major surgery to have on your face. You might feel as though you are ready for it, but have you explored all the alternatives? There are many ways to mimic the look of a facelift without actually getting one done by a plastic surgeon. Plus, think about how much a facelift costs. It’s usually around $7000, according to the National Board of Plastic Surgeons. Although that can vary depending on where you live. You can easily tweak your makeup and skincare routine to give your face the boost it needs to look younger, and healthier.


Skincare Stunners


Is your skincare routine where it should be? Do you routinely go to bed with your makeup on which clogs pores making your skin look haggard and washed out? You need some radiance in your routine, which means that your cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing should be at its very best. Finding the right cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria is the key. You don’t want something that will strip the natural oils in your skin, so pick gentle cleanser that is right for your skin type. Cleanse your skin at night, twice to get that deep down clean. Make sure you are rinsing very well with lukewarm tap water. Having the temperature of the water just right will allow the cleanser to do its job, and won’t dry out your skin.


Exfoliate up to three times a week with a beaded scrub for at least one minute to fully exfoliate all those dead skin cells that are making your skin look tired and lifeless. The newer, fresher skin underneath will look brighter, and be ready to absorb your moisturizer more effectively. Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation. It does give your skin a radiance boost. Having one of those sonic cleansing machines like Pulsaderm or Clarisonic can also be used a few times per week to boost exfoliation.


Younger looking skin is dewy, moist, and hydrated. Think of how plump and bright a child’s skin looks. You can mimic that healthy glow by using the right skincare serums and moisturizers. Even a moisturizer with a little bit of highlighting cream mixed it will give you the light reflective quality you desire. Your skin will look naturally radiant, and flawless.


Younger Looking Makeup


Step away from the powder. It will cake up and fall into fine lines and wrinkles. You want your makeup to be luminous, glowing, and radiant. You can use one of the many primers, or BB creams on the market that even out the skintone, but aren’t matte and dry looking. Less is more with foundation. Just use it on areas like your t-zone or where you have redness.


A peachy pink blush is a great brightener on the apples of your cheeks. “Orgasm” by Nars Cosmetics is a famous one to try because it looks uplifting on any complexion. Then follow that up with a pearly highlighter on your cheekbones, and tops of your brows to light up your whole face. It does give you the appearance of a face lift.


Gloss on the lips is also more youthful looking than a matte lipstick. Then just soften up your eyes, since black eyeliner tends to look to stark, stick to bronze eyeliners, and softer eye shadow colors like cream, peach, or mauve. Finish off your look with a thickening mascara on your upper lashes only to open your eyes up. Experimenting with the right textures and tones in your makeup can make all the difference. People will think you are more rested when your makeup has that anti-aging effect. Try these options before you submit your face to the knife of a plastic surgeon.

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