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Get Fuller Lips Without Botox

Ever dreamed to have those JUICY and SEXY lips like Angelina Jolie? Congratulations! For now you can have those pouty puckers without using Botox..


Nothing can make a girl’s personality attractive and spell-casting than having fuller and plumper lips. It’s true that having fuller lips is something god-gifted. However, in today’s world, where almost nothing is impossible, getting fuller lips is possible. It’s especially an exciting news for those beauty freaks who want to look their best everyday. It’s no secret that full lips are seductive and lush. While thin and dry lips make your face look lifeless, plump and soft lips bring life and glow to your face. Fuller and plumper lips are incredibly kissable, and for this reason every other woman is looking for ways to make their lips fuller. One of the most common ways to make your pout more luscious is using Botox injection. However, Botox injections have side effects plus they are very costly. Another option is lip surgery, which is even more expensive. But Hey! You don’t need to be very sad, because their are some miraculous tricks and techniques that can be used to achieve those kissable pouts without going through expensive surgery or Botox injections.


Exfoliation! Yes, it is one of the best ways to slough off dead skin cells that make your lips appear dull and chapped. You can either use a soft bristle toothbrush or a lip scrub to exfoliate your lip skin. Exfoliation helps improve blood circulation in the mouth, which in turn makes your lips fuller and plumper. Although this effect is temporary, it can last longer if you continue to carry it out on a regular basis. Moreover, you can use ground sugar along with a few drops of fresh lemon juice to exfoliate your lips and make them more kissable.

Use Lighter Shades of Lip Tint

It’s true that lighter shades of lipstick make your lips appear fuller. Sexy LipsIf you use darker shades on your lips they will appear sharper. So it’s best to use lighter shades of lipstick with lighter shades of lip gloss. In order to make your pout more luscious apply some gloss in the centre of your upper and lower lips.

Use Natural Plumping Agents

It’s a great feeling to know that mother nature has blessed us with so many natural beauty ingredients that we cannot even imagine. And so is the case with lip plumping agents that appear in nature. There are natural lip plumping agents that can help you achieve sexy lips naturally without using Botox. You can use clove oil along with your lip balm or your lip color to make your lips appear larger. Another natural solution is liquid niacin, which can make your lips kissable and soft naturally. Vaseline honey mask can also make your lips fuller and sweet.


So what are you waiting for? Follow these magical tips and get those kissable and sassy lips like Angelina Jolie!



  1. Hey,
    Fuller and plumper lips are desire of every person and it’s great if it is done with the use of natural supplements. Yes I agree that Botox injections sometimes cause side effects but there are also anti-bruising and anti-swelling treatments of Botox using Microcannula and it really lessen all the side effects. I think you need to think on this also. Thanks!

    • MissT Tabie says:

      Yes, you are pretty much true to some extent. And I will surely talk about this aspect too very soon 🙂



  2. Sophia says:

    I think if you can create the look without surgery then it is a lot more preferable and not to mention cheaper!
    I have started using on my clients and I can’t believe the difference it makes. Although if you don’t want to use a lip plumper then a dab of concealer in the middle of your lips works wonders as well

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