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Anti-aging Foundations and Makeup



You know some of the old rules like frosted eyeshadow will make your eyelids look crepey, but do you know the ways to utilize makeup to make yourself look younger? It’s a cinch to look great at any age if you know a few key tricks. Mainly it has to do with the textures and formula of the cosmetics you are using. The right primers and foundations are going to make your skin glow as it did in its younger days.


Prime Your Skin First For Smoother Coverage


You want to prep your skin to wear the foundation so that it looks natural and doesn’t fall into fine lines and wrinkles. Using a silicone based primer that helps to fill in the uneven texture or your face will help your foundation go on much smoother and last longer. Find one that says it’s for dry or aging skin. Smashbox makes an excellent one that comes in a kit. It’s called the “Primer Authority Kit” to include a primer for the face, a hydrating shadow primer, under eye primer, and setting spray. This is the full monty of primers! The hydration especially around the eye are will help to blur those dreaded crow’s feet around the eyes where people tend to show aging first, before other places on the face.


Anti-aging Foundations


When looking for the ideal foundation you want to look for one that is going to give you some luminosity. Finding the right one with light reflective pigment in it will give you that healthy youthful glow we all crave so much. Find versions that aren’t oil-free, but have some hydration since older skill can be on the dry side. Most major cosmetics companies make a foundation geared towards older skin. If you are at a department store with various cosmetic counters don’t be afraid to tell the beauty advisor what you are looking for in a foundation. They will be more than happy to recommend one that will help with your concerns. Whether it’s lines and wrinkles, age spots or anything else you are looking to diminish. Foundation can truly smooth out some of the flaw, giving you at least the illusion of great looking skin.


Two Great Foundations For Any Budget


Giorgio Armani makes an anti-aging foundation that is radiant on older skin. It’s called, “Designer Lift” foundation because it’s meant to mimic a face lift. That might be a lofty claim, but it does seem to firm up the skin and give it a lovely glow. It does claim to give you “ten years of luminosity”, firms and tightens the skin for up to 12 hours. So it’s worth a shot to try it.

If a $67 dollar foundation isn’t in your budget there are still some great anti-aging foundations to be found at your local drugstore or “masstige” stores such as Walmart or Target. Flower Cosmetics by celebrity actress Drew Barrymore has a foundation called, “About Face” which contains Vitamin C and E for anti-aging benefits. Plus at around $13 a bottle, it’s a bargain worth considering. It’s also paraben, and fragrance free which is an added benefit for people with skin sensitivities.

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