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Bikini Ready Butt



The derriere has been in the news recently, whether it’s celebs showing off their bodies on vacation in skimpy bikini’s or just totally in the buff, now is the time of year where you have to have your behind in tip top shape. So hit the gym, do some extra squats, and practice your lunges to get your backside where it should be. Talk to a personal trainer who can guide your through a few specific exercises that target that area. You want your butt to look tight and lifted so that you can rock that bikini this summer. Once you have done all the right exercises you need to get your body in shape then you can also focus on the skin and possible cellulite in that area.


Dry Brush For Better Circulation


Have you ever brushed your body? This is a fairly recent technique that people are trying. It has all kinds of benefits such as boosting your circulation, and making your skin appear healthier. A dry body brush has a longer handle so you can reach those hard to get areas such as your back and butt. Dry brush your entire body for at least ten minutes prior to getting into the shower. You’ll be amazed at the benefits. Plus, it feels terrific!


Exfoliate For Brighter Skin


Once you are in the shower, you want to exfoliate with a beaded scrub that has some decent grit to it. Scrub your entire body including your backside for at least five full minutes to get the maximum exfoliation benefits you need. Exfoliation will prepare your skin for hydration after the shower.


A Secret Spray If You Need It


This is something no one likes to talk about. Butt acne. It’s actually very common since most of the time our rear ends are covered with underwear or clothing and is prone to getting a few clogged pores which lead to that dreaded butt acne. Sometimes your laundry detergent is to blame so you might want to switch up to a fragrance free version which doesn’t have added fragrance that clogs pores or causes irritation. If that doesn’t help and you still have some “buttne” then you might want to spray the area daily with a salicylic acid spray with will kill bacteria and oil that cause the blemishes on your behind.


Hydrate To Make It Firm and Smooth


Choose a moisturizer that will firm and smooth the area. There are many products that promise to get rid of cellulite, but you want to look for a moisturizer that contains the active ingredient “caffeine” since that tightens the best. Having the perfect butt that’s bikini ready for summer is takes some preparation but the reward you get will be having the perfect bikini ready butt all year long.


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