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Blue Hue Summer Color



You know what is the perfect color for summer? Blue. A touch of blue hue is the ideal color for summertime wear because it’s the exact right color of tranquility and peace. Incorporate blues in your clothing, makeup, and even your skin care. Well, maybe not your skincare. You don’t want to look like a smurf, do you? Here are a few ways to maximize the blue color you love so much during those hot summer months.


Blues In Makeup


A smart way to do up a blue hue in makeup is in two places. First your eyeliner can be blue, as in teal, turquoise, navy, or even an electric blue is a bright pop of color. This looks stellar against tanned skin, real or from a sunless tanning bottle. Blue looks naturally vibrant against warmer shades since it’s the opposite–a cooler tone. So paired with a peachy or bronze eyeshadow, it looks quite fetching.

Another place to have a bit of blue is in your mascara. A subtle blue tint can make the whites of your eyes look brighter. So many companies make a summer mascara shade in waterproof blue for just that reason. Try it! You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous it looks on a green, brown or hazel eye color.

One place not to wear blue is your eye shadow. Step away from the blue eyeshadow. Seriously, it’s not the 60’s and it just never looks that great unless it’s a deep smoky navy color. Which really isn’t that blue since it’s more gray in tone.


Cool Blue Clothing Options


As I said before a touch of blue looks great against tan skin. So try to have a touch of blue either in a gorgeous floppy hat tied with a blue scarf or even in an unexpected place like your sandals. Footwear in blue looks perfect to show off your tanned legs. A pair of lace up espadrilles or gladiator sandals in this cool shade will compliment any neutral outfit. Let those blues be the star of your fashion show.


One Last Place For Blue


You might not think it’s the right place for this lovely shade, but your nails can be blue too! Have your manicurist paint your fingers or toes in one of the hip new blue shades which are trending super hot right now. If you have a warm skin tone (more yellow or olive undertones) stick to a deeper green based blue. If you are a cool skin tone (more pink undertones) then a more pastel type blue can look great against your skin. Play around with blue tones to find out which ones look best on you. The great thing about summer is that it’s more free spirited so don’t be afraid to try all the great blue hues out there.


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