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Changes In Appearance As We Age

The dreaded “A” word. Aging. It’s inevitable that as we grow older we are going to see changes in our appearance as we age. The skin you were both with, that perfect baby skin is long gone once you have lived quite a few years in your life. Maybe as a teenager you had some acne that went away when you reached your 20’s. The 20’s as long as you take care of yourself, you’ll have the best skin of your life. Smooth wrinkle free perfection. The most you can truly do is to hydrate and protect at that decade of your life. So what kind of differences are you starting to see in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond? Many. Many of which you won’t be too thrilled with creeping up all of a sudden making you feel older than you really are.


Changes In Your 30’s


Your skin is still fairly fine at this age, but you might start to notice some fine lines cropping up around your eye area in the form of “crow’s feet.” Or you might be wondering how much sun damage your skin as received over the years so you’ll see the start of brown spots, or age spots. It’s just darkened pigmentation of the skin due to sun exposure. So it’s never too late to protect your skin with a high level of SPF that has UVA/UVB protection. That is your best bet to halt some of those beginning signs of ageing in the skin. Another point to bring up about changes in your skin is that most people are having their children in their 30’s, so the new appearance of stretch marks might be a concern of yours. Once you have them here is the absolute truth about them, they won’t go away. You can treat new ones with a prescription retinol formula given to you by your doctor, but stretched skin is stretched skin and sadly there isn’t a whole lot you can to do to fix those pesky marks.


Changes In Your 40’s


This time in your life is where the total skin structure starts to break down a bit. Skin cell turnover doesn’t happen as fast, and the plump elasticity of your skin might start to fall. This results in more fine lines and wrinkles with loss of firmness. A great anti-aging serum that targets facial contours by firming them will help you feel better about these changes in your skin. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate as well since older skin tends to be dry. Have a nightly moisturizer on hand that contains hyaluronic acid which binds moisture to your skin making it look more radiant.


Changes in Your 50’s


By this decade you will definitely notice that your skin isn’t as bright as it use to be. You can counteract this by using a good cleansing and exfoliation regime. Try to add one of the sonic cleaning systems to your routine. Clarisonic or Pulsaderm are two excellent ones to try. Once you buy the main cleansing unit, you only have to buy replacement facial brush heads a few times a year. These handheld devices will give you that deep down clean while also sweeping away dead skin cells to reveal newer, smoother skin underneath.


Changes Beyond 50


Other than deep set lines, age spots, and loss of radiance you’ll also notice in your 60’s and beyond that your skin has lost some of the contours since everything is starting to sag. Firm cream will only help so much, but it doesn’t hurt to use one. Gravity will take it’s toll on your skin so whatever you can do to make your skin look and feel better is a bonus. Treat yourself to monthly facial if you can, which will amp up your radiance. Hydrated skin just looks better in general so now is the time to invest in a top notch anti-aging moisturizer.




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