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Sandal Season Is Here

Now is the time of year that the snowy days of winter are gone finally, and we have a bounty of spring time fun and sunshine to experience. So put away those winter boots that protected your feet during the cold, and check out the latest styles in fashion forward sandals. Sandal season is almost here, and with it the adorable strappy styles that make it worthwhile to showcase your feet. Yet, what do you do if your feet are less than presentable?

anti-aging exfoliating foot peel

Many people forgo taking care of their feet in the winter, because no one sees them anyway, so why bother is the prevailing theory. Not true in sandal season, because your feet will be on display in the cutest styles of open toes, and revealing flip flops. Have you seen the trend in sandals this year yet? Well, it’s the “Gladiator Sandal” with its strong style, and edgy look that will draw a lot of positive attention to your feet when you wear them. Another hot trend is the “Espadrille Slide Sandal” with its textured platform, and thin straps that show off your perfect pedicure.

You need to make sure your feet are ready to be seen. You could subject yourself to hours at the nail salon getting pedicure after pedicure to make your feet presentable, but that cost can add up quickly. Now is the time to invest in one affordable product that will take care of all the dead skin on your feet in one easy step. Did you know that the buildup of dead skin on your feet is more so than anywhere else on your body. That’s alot of dead skins cells to slough off. Our Baby Feet Forever Exfoliating Foot Peel is the perfect product for you.

The way it works is that you put on the pre-packaged “booties” that come with the product for at least an hour, and the special all natural ingredients will work their way into the skin on your feet. Take off the booties, and simply wash your feet with soap and water. Then over the next week you’ll notice a gradual peeling off of all those dead skin cells to reveal the softest smoothest skin possible on your feet. They will feel as soft as a baby’s backside. We promise! Although this may seem like a miracle product, it’s just the super active combination of ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Bamboo Vinegar, and Ginger Extract with Chamomile to soothe. It all works together in harmony to make your feet the most presentable they can be. Strappy sandal season can’t come fast enough, right? With Baby Feet Forever, your feet will be ready for it!

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