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Get Fuller Lips Without Botox


Ever dreamed to have those JUICY and SEXY lips like Angelina Jolie? Congratulations! For now you can have those pouty puckers without using Botox.. Nothing can make a girl’s personality attractive and spell-casting than having fuller and plumper lips. It’s true that having fuller lips is something god-gifted. However, in today’s world, where almost nothing is impossible, getting fuller lips is possible. It’s especially an exciting news for those beauty … Read More →

A Hot Bath for Sleep


Hot baths to help you cut the z z z z z z z’s A hot bath is safe and soothing, as the  heat dominates your awareness. You may feel sluggish while your body temperature drifts back to normal, and you recover from the wet-noodle exhaustion. This is a method to help the body relax and get ready for a great nights sleep. Your temperature naturally dips at night, starting … Read More →

The Anti-Aging Effects of Sex

Anti-aging effects of sex

Have more sex to look younger! The anti-aging effects of sex. Expensive creams, painful facials and surgical procedures might all be helpful, but a new study claims a healthy sex life is the real secret to looking younger. Feeling satisfied with your sex life — whatever your levels of sexual activity — is closely related to your perceived quality of life.” Sex releases beta endorphins, (those chemicals that give you … Read More →

The Stinky Anti-Aging Effects of Asparagus

Anti-aging asparagus

Stinky Asparagus Pee (ooh yuck) What causes this bizarre odor? If you’ve kept your concern about curious-smelling urine after eating asparagus a secret all this time, do not be alarmed — you are not alone. A funky odor in your pee is a natural biological phenomenon, and although it may not be the most savory topic, stinky asparagus urine is certainly something many of us have dealt with. Asparagus contains … Read More →

I want my BABY FAT back!!!!!


A case of the sinking face. I gaze into my bathroom mirror slightly disappointed by the gaunt reflection of the face I saw just 10 short years ago.  What happened here?  I was going to look young forever I professed!!! But my constant declaration didn’t seem to be stopping father time.   I have slowed him down a bit though, with my regular Botox injections and ritual face creams.  But is … Read More →

Lip Personality


Have you ever wondered what men think of your lipstick color? We did a poll from the man’s perspective.  What do they think that you are trying to tell them?  You might want to consider this before you choose your shade. Classic Red That’s a look-at-me color. An I-want-attention kind of color. If you’re at a bar with the girls looking to meet people, it can work as a beacon … Read More →