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Facial Oils

    Facial oil for a few years now have become a popular trend in skincare. Whether you are using them as a cleansing step, or adding one to your skincare hydration routine they can be quite effective in the overall texture and feel of your skin. Even if you have oily skin there is a right facial oil for you too. So don’t be afraid of finding the perfect … Read More →

Blue Hue Summer Color

    You know what is the perfect color for summer? Blue. A touch of blue hue is the ideal color for summertime wear because it’s the exact right color of tranquility and peace. Incorporate blues in your clothing, makeup, and even your skin care. Well, maybe not your skincare. You don’t want to look like a smurf, do you? Here are a few ways to maximize the blue color … Read More →

Bikini Ready Butt

    The derriere has been in the news recently, whether it’s celebs showing off their bodies on vacation in skimpy bikini’s or just totally in the buff, now is the time of year where you have to have your behind in tip top shape. So hit the gym, do some extra squats, and practice your lunges to get your backside where it should be. Talk to a personal trainer … Read More →

Neck Wrinkles

    Nora Ephron, a famous writer said it best in her book, “I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts About Being a Woman.” Her neck was a dead giveaway to her age. All her friends wore turtlenecks or chic neck scarves to hide their necks from the judging eyes of the public. While their faces might have been privy to various fillers,and Botox there wasn’t a whole … Read More →

Facelift Without Surgery Alternatives

Having an actual facelift is quite an undertaking. There are some techniques that make healing a bit easier such as with laser surgery, but it’s still major surgery to have on your face. You might feel as though you are ready for it, but have you explored all the alternatives? There are many ways to mimic the look of a facelift without actually getting one done by a plastic surgeon. … Read More →

4th of July Fashion and Beauty: Celebrate In Style

    It’s that time of year again when many people get together with family and friends for 4th of July blowout celebrations. So do you have your summertime best ready to go? Many of these parties are held outdoors so how do you get fashion ready and beauty wise to look your absolute best? Here are a few tips and tricks to make yourself look as spectacular as the … Read More →

Juices and Smoothies For Summertime

    Juicing or making your own fresh tasting smoothies is quite a big trend right now, one that is gaining popularity by the day due to the fact that it’s a healthy way to get extra vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables into your diet. Plus, during the hot summer months there are so many fruits that are naturally in season making them taste their very best. So … Read More →

Botox vs. Fillers

Botox vs. Fillers         So you have been thinking about it for awhile now, maybe one of your friends has taken the plunge and loves the results. Or you have seen the face of your favorite celebrity looking a little refreshed, then you might be ready to have something done for yourself. Whatever age you are, as soon as you start to see those tiny fine lines … Read More →

Changes In Appearance As We Age

The dreaded “A” word. Aging. It’s inevitable that as we grow older we are going to see changes in our appearance as we age. The skin you were both with, that perfect baby skin is long gone once you have lived quite a few years in your life. Maybe as a teenager you had some acne that went away when you reached your 20’s. The 20’s as long as you … Read More →

Sandal Season Is Here

beautiful feet for sandal season

Now is the time of year that the snowy days of winter are gone finally, and we have a bounty of spring time fun and sunshine to experience. So put away those winter boots that protected your feet during the cold, and check out the latest styles in fashion forward sandals. Sandal season is almost here, and with it the adorable strappy styles that make it worthwhile to showcase your … Read More →